Mutant help

I have the resources now to rank up my mutant roster. I have completed act 4 working on 100percent finishing now. Can do heroic easy master first two sections then struggle. Who would you recommend and why?
4* sunspot rank 3
4* collosus rank 4
4* duped wolverine tank3
4* duped magneto rank 1 now been buffered
4* duped Emma frost rank 4
5* duped rouge rank 2
5* storm rank 2

Mutant wise I already have a tank 4 5* iceman , maxed 4* domino, maxed 4* omega red .

Mixed feelings who to use 5* have more health but cost more. 4* still good if rank right ones. My fighting style is mixed and struggle to parry all time so health is a good one for me.

Love to hear people's thoughts and experiences

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