3 mil ally need 5-6 replacement after bad merge

After 2 bad merges... we need fresh blood to get back into strength.
We use line for all communication.
Average rating around 120k.
We do map 55333. Advanced tier.
Currently 2 bgs for war, but I want to do 3 when full numbers. Tier 8-9 atm.
Donations is currently 30k gold, 10k bc, 3k loyalty.
We do all event except arena (some do those too, but no requirements)
SA almost weekly (usually 3 weeks go and 1 week save)
We are friendly and easygoing. Most are located in DK and UK.
Need active, loyal and adult guys and girls to grow with us and together we can become stronger. We value loyalty and activity above strength but you still nees to be able to hold your own in AQ fx.
Pm me IG or on Line : ElenaSabrine


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