9.5k prestige player looking for map6/map5 AQ and optional AW alliance

Hey all,
I am looking for 66655/66555 AQ alliance in top 1k rank with master mods and chill AW, 1 or 2 bgs.
I have map 6 exp and handle miniboss fights. Would settle for 5x5 in top 1200 if no other option.
Leave your line ID below if you tick these boxes, cheers!


  • We are looking for active players, we are Gold 2 and run map 5x5 with modifiers and exploring map 6 in the near future.
    Add me on line if interested crypsis86
  • HMU line ID beve702 we are AQ focused optional AW.
  • AniketgageAniketgage Posts: 83

    Hit me up on Line id : intrdimentionalcable
  • PosheeshoPosheesho Posts: 24
    We run 66655 in 1 BG and 5x5 in the other 2. Rank 1009 in yesterday’s AQ that ended. 1 optional BG for AW. Go;d 2 or 3, need to look.
    Line ID Jiamin.toh or AMH1807
  • We’re top 600aq scoring almost 350mil. Aw completely optional. Great group of folks in our ally.

    Line ID: CptnBsndirecto
  • We check all your boxes good sir. Let me know if you are still looking, Line ID is: pleasuredome
  • BenderBender Posts: 143
    Part of YouTuber Dorklessons.

    We run 66655. Optional war, 2BGs.

    Line ID benderjoke
  • SupermancaSupermanca Posts: 170
    We do 66555 and score 300+ in AQ.
    AW one BG.
    Add me through line or in-game at Superman.ca if interested
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