How good is my first 6*?

I got my first 6* after doing the side event and it turned out to be ghulk. I am not sure how good he is and which content he is viable for so any help would be greatly appreciated.


  • DeaconVelvetDeaconVelvet Posts: 1,564 ★★★★
    There are some who really love him and others like me who think he's good not great...he has some specific uses for sure with his Face Me ability but ... I don't know ... I'm on the fence ... sure it's a really good pull though ... Gladiator Hulk is more than serviceable ... I just don't enjoy playing him lol
  • Thicco_ModeThicco_Mode Posts: 8,652 ★★★★★
    solid in a generic matchup, but he has one of the most effective utility in the game. his face me allows him to fight nodes with passive damage
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