Best path in new AW to become the mvp?

Does anyone know a particular path which is better than others as far as exploration goes? What is the best path to become that mvp?


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    I belive the far left one is best as it is a real energy drainer
  • Path 1. I've been doing Path 1 and consistently get Top 3 even when there's no one to fight. It's crazy because I'm terrible! haha
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    Mvp made sense in old war because in my experience it meant someone who took a long hard path on the outside towards a mini commonly the path that led to back to back stun immune fights. Now it is the path of least resistance and easier fights.
  • Imo opinion mvp was always a but hit n miss in the old war aswell. Didnt take into consideration mini and boss kills. No though it is totally meaningless full stop
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    Sweatlip wrote: »
    Imo opinion mvp was always a butt

    indeed .... indeed
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    I've got it 3 times going to the right side. I clear 2 sets of 3 enemies and a mini boss and that's it. Empty nodes count as much as the rest. It's no real indicator of anything, just move more than others.
  • Good question @Aakash! I've gone ahead and moved this discussion over to Strategy and Tips so that anyone else wanting to discuss their strategy for this can find it more easily.
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    nobody f*cking knows!! And it p!sses me off. Every war i solo a path, a mini boss, and usually the boss too, and so far I have not been in the top 3.
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    Aakash wrote: »
    Does anyone know a particular path which is better than others as far as exploration goes? What is the best path to become that mvp?

    what does it matter? MVP doesn't get you anything. I have 9 MVP but only because I am extremely active so I take the long paths
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    Sweatlip wrote: »
    The best path to take to make yourself mvp is the one your best suited for and helps your alliance the most. Not he one that gets you a meaningless mvp title that has never made sense

    This pretty much sums it up. Just ignore this whole MVP thing, because in the end, it just boils down to who took the longest path in the map.

    You can be the only one in your BG capable of wiping both the miniboss and boss all by yourself, but you still don't get MVP, because someone else has moved to more tiles than you, even if there aren't any enemies on those tiles. You can be the game changer by being able to take on that R4/55 Magik boss by yourself and win the war for your entire alliance, but nah, you aren't the MVP because you took the center path instead of the corner paths.

    But you know who truly sees you as the MVP? Not the trashy game system, but your alliance mates. So don't focus on the numbers in your profile, and just focus on trying to coordinate with your alliance so you can win together.
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    Not always true on longer path 2nd and 3rd MVP here the one with higher d more explore more defensive kills is 3rd. Nonsense MVP stats.cmhrqwmwbb63.png
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    There really isn’t a particular path you can take to receive the MVP in AW. It’s all in your gameplay. From how fast you finish your path to how many heroes you have remaining when you reach the boss. I have personally counted all the nodes you face for every path and the numbers are always 8-9. Not counting the main boss. I also have taken almost every path and have received MVP once and been in the top three several times
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    It's not the path or how many kills (attack) registered though it is taken into consideration. The higher effect seemed to be the rating of defenders placed.
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