Post your best Tigra gameplay / Tips and tricks

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I pulled Tigra recently and have been having a great time testing her out at 5* rank 3. She had huge potential doing up to 100k sp2 damage at that rank. Downside is she is such a risky character to play in order to access all that sweet sweet damage. Let's share our knowledge and perhaps some gameplay to try to maximise this awsome character.
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  • Nww007Nww007 Posts: 59

    Here is my tigra ripping ROL winter soldier a new one
  • RockypantherxRockypantherx Posts: 1,617 ★★★★★
    If you launch your heavy at the right time at the end of a parry you can intercept their attack and land your ruptures

    It’s difficult to get down, but it’s the same timing as Dave has in his Quick Tip video on avoiding Mordo’s astral evade. Mitigates block damage immensely if you get the timing down
  • Nww007Nww007 Posts: 59
    I just started doing that against cap marvel since you can't punish her specials unless you hold heavy and pray for sp1. works pretty well. I would say don't count on it 100% unless they are cornered as she dashes back sometimes when out in the open
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    She work perfectly against both contact and non contact special attacks champions, she work similar to BWDO, just hit with heavy attack when the opponent finish a heavy attack or especial or when he dash forward (she don't need to fail to place the rupture) you place a lot of ruptures. I don't launch special 3, just especial one until she had their passives actives then just special 2 and a lot of damage. Test her vs BPCW or Psylock or any in legendary difficultly.
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    Tigra is a very complicated champ but here is the trick to playing her assuming she is awakened. I use her all through act 6.

    The biggest thing you have to remember is her special attacks are unblockable . This means you don’t want to start heavy charging until you at least have one bar of power to launch just in case you mess up.

    Here is my tip I do if I find I am to far from the wall.

    If the opponent has no power bar, hold your he Ay and soon as they block just launch it. The A.I will continue to block and the last hit will get them, launch another heavy and you get a solid rotation in. Launch another SP2 rinse and repeat.

    I don’t know how to upload video.
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    This is the only photos I have. I can send someone the video if they are better at uploading
  • Texas_11Texas_11 Posts: 288 ★★
    I have an archive of tigra gameplay as we
    ll, act 6

  • Nww007Nww007 Posts: 59
    Good tips @Texas_11
  • Nww007Nww007 Posts: 59

    Here is an example of me using the tip from @Rockypantherx . really helps on champs that you can't punish specials
  • Speedro420Speedro420 Posts: 290 ★★
    MSD has some really great Tigra videos. He uses her very well.
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