So, Nova is a character I've been waiting for since MCOC started.

I pushed for him in the five star featured arena, even knowing that so many people in the community found him disappointing and I still really love him. Visually he's one of the most appealing characters in the game. His play-style is unique, he has pretty nice utility, but yeah... he falls short.

Guardian is effectively the Nova we all wanted - and I can only imagine how you might shape Cannonball.

Now, I know Nova is still relatively new-ish - and there are many who are likely in like for a rework before him. Well deserved too.

But when you do rework Nova, or even if it's just a small balance change you make to him prior to any rework attempt further down the line, I have a suggestion.

Allow Nova to carry over his Nova charges and Fury. Make them persistent, similar to Movie Marvel's Binary charges and Sabertooth's fury. So how I'm thinking is Nova would function more or less as normal, but if he wins the fight you progress to the next and carry over the fury charges you built up. Maybe it's just a fraction or maybe it's all, maybe it even depends on finishing the fight in a specific fashion. Like if you finish with an SP1 you carry over a max of one charge, if you finish with an SP2 a max of 2 charges, and if you finish with an SP3 you can carry over three fury charges... something like that.

But Nova also carries with him his Nova charges.
Think about it, he gains charges by charging forward right? Well, when you progress down the path, Nova is charging forward..

So if he wins, he maintains these two persistent charges. As long as he stays alive.
If you die with Nova, he loses all charges - Fury and Nova. They get reset to 0.

I think it might help, give him some nice ramp and long term damage, actually make his utility something effective, encourage people to use him for things, invest in him. I dunno, maybe I'm wrong and the majority will just continue to use champions who do the same thing he does with much less effort, but in my mind this might address some of the more underwhelming aspects most of us have with Nova.
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