Low stress G2, 555=140M, alliance seeks active heavy hitters.

AQ and AW are required.
No line req.
Members must be relatively active.
We use a website to manage AW diversity.

We easily get over 140M in AQ running 555.
We keep the maps easy, so that members don't need to use
resources in AQ and have them for champ development.
We expect to bring this number up over time.

Players are self directed, and make their own decisions.
If someone makes a mistake, we tell them, no big deal.

We have a couple of retirements coming up.
Add Tolonar in game to inquire.


  • I have been getting a lot of replies from people with low prestige. PLEASE - have at least 6 champs with 10k prestige or more - and at an absolute minimum, be uncollected - better if you are cavalier.
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