Champ Chasing Frustration Solution

One of the biggest frustrations in this game is the seemingly impossible task of pulling that 1 champ that you want or need for progression. I know that personally this frustration has had me on the brink of quitting numerous times. I would like to see a champ selection option for players who have been going at it for the long haul. I realize that we just got the dual crystals but even those are too random, I have opened over 30 of those targeting one champ and still missed all of the six champs I could have used. I did manage to pull The same already sig 200 champ 7x in a month which didn't help the frustration at all.

Maybe something like uncollected get to pick 1 champ from the 5* basic pool every 12 months for 15k shards.

Cavalier gets to pick a 6* from the basic pool for 15k 6* shards every 12 months.

Its 1 champ a year, I feel we deserve that much of a gurantee. The RNG in this game is brutal to some.
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