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Hey all just wondering what is the highest aq map I can do? My skill completed variant 4 & 3 done act 5 completion can do uncollected somewhat monthly both 100% and completion.


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    depends really purely on skill but i would say based off of roster you can do map5 fairly easily and map6 if you’ve got the skill
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    Those champs, looking at a 66555 rotation, at the highest. More likely a pure map 5 run. Depending on if you run AW, etc. If you are running AW, you would probably be map 4.
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    Also how much glory can I earn per AQ need 30k more for my next rank 5 second t5 basic and then 20k more once I have 100% this months uncollected and once I have collected all t5 basic fragments from mutant treasure island.
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