Just to see who will have me.. highest offer wins.. i guess😅

Line sonloku
Hit me with aq maps how much mil weekly
And aw how many bg’s and place last season
Looking for aq focused but still like 2 bg’s war so i can join occasionaly map 5 im used too and also a bit map 6


  • The Wicked House
    TWH8: 29m Ally ~ AQ focused: 5x5, 240m/wk ~ AW available, Silver 1 ~ Line required ~ Adults only ~ No drama ~ 800k rating or 8k prestige ~ Build your account and have fun playing again.

    Line ID: Snoopysurfs
    Line Id AGENTBWL
    AQ 655 554 x4 with Mods 3900 plus glory weekly
    War Gold 3 last season Gold 2, really want Gold 1
    Summoner Award 500 k to 1 mil a week
    Alliance Events mandatory but we Max Award quickly and Rank Award
    We are an laidback adult Alliance, we just want to have fun and clear maps, score resources and rank up our heroes. As we progress, we want to add challenges but not stress out.
  • Kjizzle55Kjizzle55 Posts: 12
    silver 1 Alliance we run 2 BG of AW & AQ.
    Map 4 & map 3

    very chill....all about keeping it fun.
    Cuz it’s a phone game!
  • Natehawk43Natehawk43 Posts: 22
    If you’re still looking, here is our standard recruiting pitch.


    The G.O.A.T.s are here looking for five map5/6 committed players to round out an already solid alliance. The leadership has been together for years and many are real life friends. The alliance is full of responsible adults and alliance matters are handled appropriately. We understand that this is a game and real life can get in the way; however we are also fully committed to growing together as an alliance to help everyone grow individually.

    Here's what you can expect from us:
    1. Map 5/5/5 or 6/5/5 full 3 BG completion
    2. AQ Rewards are around 200 to 220 million with over 4K in glory per week
    3. SA save weeks. Every other week we rank in the top 10 in SA points
    4. Group Me for communication is mandatory
    5. 2 BG optional wars. Solid silver 1, flirting with Gold 3 and want to get and stay there
    6. We are all active and your efforts will be matched by the the other alliance members.

    Here’s what we expect from you:
    1. AQ line completion in map 5 and a desire to run map 6
    2. Open communication especially during AQ
    3. An interest in AW (not all of them, but some of them)
    4. Honor the save weeks and grow as a member of our alliance

    My in game ID is natehawk43 and our alliance tag is ddgt. Reach out and see if the G.O.A.T.s are a good fit for you!
  • Robman323Robman323 Posts: 26
    Hit me up in game: Robman323
    Our alliance is AQ4/4/4 with little to no mods
    We are currently gold 3 in War, but good potential to go higher. We do 3Bg during the war season and 1bg during the off season(to give people time to do quests and other stuff)
    No line or other app required, mainly in game chats for communication
    We ask to prioritize AQ, have the best possible defender diversity we can get and then lastly not to waste KOs when attacking for best attack bonus
    Other than that play at your own pace, real life always comes first, and enjoy the game
    AQ 655 554 x 4 with Master Mods
    War Gold 3 close to Gold 2 but no cigar Three BGs Mandatory
    Summoner Awards 500k to 1 mil weekly
    Alliance Events mandatory but Max Awards pretty quick plus Rank Award
    Very laid back adult alliance. Game focused but if life gets in the way, just communicate.
    Line Id AGENTBWL
  • CaptainGameCaptainGame Posts: 285 ★★★
    Mine is brand new and recruiting guys for focus on map 5. Really easy going until we get enough recruits. DefectionX (DFPX)
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