Returning Player on the lower side looking for AQ Alliance

Hello, my account is at around 4k prestige, which is on the lower side. I can clear paths in map 4, never tried map 5. I am looking for an alliance that can earn around 2k glory a week. I really don't care about war, but if war is required I will happily participate. My defenders are all 4/40 4* or 2/35 5*. Add me in-game, HavocGamer49, the one with a stealth spidey pfp.


  • Obsidiman_JonesObsidiman_Jones Posts: 461 ★★
    @HavocGamer49 allow me to post some pics from my alliance recruitment post for your consideration.

    Saves my thumbs a little wear and tear. 👍

  • Kjizzle55Kjizzle55 Posts: 17
    Silver 1 Alliance we run 2 BG of AW & 2 BG of AQ Map 4 & Map 3
    No donations needed

    very chill....keep things fun.
    Cuz it’s a phone game!!

    Contact me ingame Kjizzle55
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