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Hey! I’ve been wanting to see a Sentinel sized Sandman to smash stuff with for a long time, so I decided to make the character for you Kabam, complete with tags, abilities, and even Synergies. Not really sure what to make attack values and such. Hope you like it.


#Spider-Verse villain #Sinister Six #Villain #Offensive: Damage over Time #Defensive: Tank #Size: XL


Signature ability: (A day at the Beach)
Sandstorm: at the beginning of the fight, gain a regeneration passive, granting (lvl 1)8% (lvl 99)16% (lvl 200)25% of max health over 6 seconds.
Rock Wall: while Granite Shield is active, deal (lvl 1)20%(lvl 99)35%(lvl 200)45% damage reflected when struck or when blocking.

Passive: Sandman is immune to all Bleed and Poison debuffs, and gets a 90% damage reduction against Shock debuffs.

Sand Forms: Pre-Fight ability: before each fight, you may choose between Sandstorm or Rock Wall. While defending, Sandman will always choose Rock Wall.

Sandstorm: while close to the opponent, deal small damage to them every second. This damage is increased by 50% for each debuff applied onto the opponent. This ability is disabled if Sandman is afflicted with an Incinerate debuff. While is Sandstorm, Sandman is immune to armor break or armor shattered.

Rock Wall: Sandman gains 4% physical damage mitigation for each debuff on the opponent or on Sandman. Sandman gains 30% critical resistance.

Medium attacks: Sandstorm, medium attacks have a 60% chance to place either a Disorient debuff, reducing defensive ability accuracy by 40% for 8 seconds, or a Devastate debuff, reducing Physical resistance for 8 seconds.

When Struck:
Sandstorm: Sandman gains a 10% chance to evade for each unique debuff on the opponent. This evade does not activate during a well timed block.
Rock Wall: if not affected by at least two armor break debuffs, Being struck has a 30% chance to apply either a Weakness debuff, reducing attack by 20% for 8 seconds, or a Concussion debuff, reducing ability accuracy by 15% for 8 seconds.

Heavy Attack: add 4 seconds to any Devastate, disorient, Weakness, or Concussion debuff.

Special 1: If the opponent has 2 or more debuffs, the first hit of this attack is unblockable.
Sandstorm: increase Sandstorm damage by an additional 20% for each debuff on the opponent for 8 seconds.
Rock Wall: gain an unstoppable buff for 3 seconds.

Special 2: Deal two Armor break debuffs lasting for 12 seconds.
Sandstorm: Apply a slow debuff lasting for 14 seconds.
Rock Wall: Gain two passive Granite shield charges, granting bonus Physical resistance, increasing block proficiency by 10%, and lasting until struck 5 times. While Granite shield is active, if Sandman would take more than 3% of his max health as damage, he caps the damage at 3% and removes a Granite Shield passive. Max stacks: 3

Special 3: gain 20% more attack for each debuff on the opponent.
Sandstorm: Sandstorm deals 30% more total damage for 15 seconds, and enemies cannot Activate Evade or Auto Block for this duration.
Rock Wall: gain a physical resistance buff reducing incoming physical damage by 75% for 15 seconds.

(Sinister Six) with Doctor Octopus, Green Goblin, Vulture, Mysterio, and Rhino, All Sinister Six members gain 15% ability accuracy and Special attack damage against Spider-Verse Characters.

Rock Solid:(With Korg, Thing, and Terrax) Sandman: Gain 25% more Block proficiency while in Rock Wall mode. Korg: gain 10% more damage for each stack of rock stacks. This increases to 15% damage during special attacks. When Korg launches a special attack, lose 3 rock stacks.
Thing: If Thing nullifies an unstoppable buff, gain a passive 5% fury lasting indefinitely, this may stack up to 5 times.
Terrax: Rock Storm gains 7% more attack for each Indestructible charge.

Rise of the Elementals: (with Electro, Human Torch, and Iceman)
Sandman: gain 25% more Sandstorm damage for each living synergy member on your team.
Electro: Electro’s Special 1 grants him a Conduit charge each time it is activated up to 10 times. Electro can use his Special 2 to expend all Conduit charges to grant him 15% additional special attack damage per charge used.
Human Torch: Gain a 25% chance to gain a persistent charge when defeating a #Villain champion. Cannot exceed 1 charge.
Iceman: While Ice Shield is Active, gain 15% additional prowess.

Teammates: (Doctor Octopus, Vulture, Venom, Rhino, Green Goblin, Mysterio) all team members gain 6% block proficiency.

Enemies: (Spider-Man, Spider-Man (Miles Morales), Spider-Man (Stark Enhanced), Spider-Man (Stealth Suit), Spider-Gwen) all team members gain 6% attack damage.


  • AnndreyGoAnndreyGo Posts: 21
    Nice job
    This character could be amazing.. they could implement GLANCE or MISS mechanic instead of him evading
    They could make him an Omeva Red 2.0 or a better version of TERRAX .. but I like your version .
    Once again.. NICE JOB
  • MysteryMaestroMysteryMaestro Posts: 25
    edited September 17
    AnndreyGo said:

    Nice job
    This character could be amazing.. they could implement GLANCE or MISS mechanic instead of him evading
    They could make him an Omeva Red 2.0 or a better version of TERRAX .. but I like your version .
    Once again.. NICE JOB

    Thanks, yeah glance could work well, I was just thinking about how he just becomes sand when you punch him, doing nothing. Glancing would be pretty good for that.
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