LF Active Players - Map 4 - Chill/adult run - Semi-retired players welcome

We run 3 BG AQ (4/4/4) on all 5 days with heroic modifiers.
We 100% every time within 7-8 hours. 120 million/week.
AW is optional as we only run 2 BG AW season.
Must have LINE for communication.

Our alliance consist of a few 9-10K prestige guys focusing on Abyss and 100% Act 6.
Majority of members are 7-8K prestige.
We finish AQ early. Keep your best champs for EQ and Solo Quests.

It's an active alliance that's chill and healthy. :) Interested players, please contact LINE ID: jonarctargaryen


  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    A few more spots became available this morning. If you don't see an update on this post that all spots are filled, go ahead and reach out. LINE: jonarctargaryen

    Thanks. :)
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    Hoping this message is just in time for guys looking to switch alliance after AQ tomorrow. We have a few spots opening up after AQ. Interested players must have LINE and can contact
    LINE ID: jonarctargaryen
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    We are looking to fill one spot. We have a high prestige player leaving the alliance to take break. If you need a break from higher tier alliance and looking for more time and quicker AQ finishes, check us out.

    Preferably experience in Map 5 or higher with a minimum prestige of 7,000. Just like the poster, we do Map 4 across the board, with master and heroic modifiers, 100% AQ early and we hit 120+ million.

    Interested contact LINE: jonarctargaryen
  • JonarcJonarc Posts: 96
    We have two spots opened up. Looking to fill it up before Season 22 AW. We do Map4 on all 3 BGs (130 mil) and 100% all BGs consistently earlier than most (within 7-8 hours). Most of our players are working class adults. We're more AQ focused and still put in our best efforts in AW during the season.

    Must have LINE and be active specifically in AQ. Preferably prestige of 7000 or higher.

    Interested players contact LINE: jonarctargaryen
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