Mutant rank help

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I have decided due to having more mutant tier 4 cats to rank up my mutants. My top champ so far is 5* iceman rank 4 can't rank 5 him as not got cat5 yet. I do have good 4* champs mutants too like sunspot, wolverine, sabretoth, collosus Emma frost, but feel better to rank up 5*. I don't think red Cyclops is worth it but included him in the poll.
Also interested on why choosing as I'm torn between rogue and storm.

Mutant rank help 12 votes

Rogue 5* rank 2 duped
BrokenCiciliatoChaosisinfinte117C_Trooper88unoobmeproRouger4YeetusTheFoetusThe_beast123[Deleted User] 9 votes
Storm 5* rank 2
Yodabolt21 1 vote
Red Cyclops rank 1
Disbanded_pensAlphaStark20 2 votes
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