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6.4 completion push?

Hey guys, I recently completed 6.4.1 and I'm currently planning on finishing the rest of 6.4 in the next few weeks or so, so here is my plan of attack.

6.4.1: completed

6.4.2: My team will be 4/55 starky (duped), 4/55 stealthy, 4/55 magik, 5/65 cmm (duped), 2/35 g99. Easy path, easy boss, but im bringing in some power control champs to make the thor rags fight a little easier. I'll be taking the path with the rogue miniboss, which is really easy apart from domino herself, but shes the first defender on that path anyways.

6.4.3: this quest has the really tough darkhawk boss, but i have a mags which should work very well against him. I also have an r3 duped medusa who i could also bring in just in case. Im most likely gonna be taking the path with annihlus miniboss, which is also an easy path aside from annihlus himself. I have a few counters for him, for example stealthy, shehulk, or potentially magik (just power lock backdraft him in the corner) and venom (om nom his cosmic rod). Im not 100% sure what my team will be yet, probably mags for darkhark counter, one or two annihilus counters, and rest of champs for path clearing. pls lemme know on who i should bring in for annihlus, the path, or if i should r4 medusa for darkhawk boss, or if i should take a different path or something.

6.4.4: going down the icarus path, which should be a great time with duped 5/65 cmm. i could also bring in 5/65 sunspot because he constantly knocks the opponent down which gets rid of degen and hes got incinerate immune for the energy adoption node. the path has a slightly tricky wasp miniboss with rage node, but i could bring in an evade counter such as stealthy or shehulk, or just do medium-light-mediums. CMM boss fight should be pretty easy, ill prolly just use my 4/55 magik for that. My other decent mystic champs are manthing, tigra, and morningstar, but they are all at r1 still.

6.4.5: I can either go down the lionheart path or the the spry + gassed path for this quest. I think mags works against metal champs with lionheart node and most champs one the lionheart lane are metal so that should be a great time, but i have stealthy and shehulk which should ruin the spry + gassed lane, and I'm gonna bring in stealthy and shehulk for adaptoid boss anyways. my team will be something like 4/55 shehulk, 4/55 stealthy, 4/55 mags, 2/35 g99, 5/65 cmm. Unless i'm wrong, i would only need stealthy and shehulk if i take spry + gassed lane and i would only need mags for the lionheart lane. I might bring in magik for healblock synergy with mags if there are any defenders that dont have metal tag.

6.4.6: there are a few of paths I could go down but they all have their ups and downs. the easiest path for most people would probably be the tenacity lane, but i dont have any great counter for vision aarkus. my best bet would be to either power lock with magik and backdraft him at the corner, or maybe use venom and om nom his power gain. or i could just rank up one of my other mystics, but again, my only decent mystics are man-thing, morningstar, and tigra.

My second option would be the masochism lane, which is relatively easy but have a couple tricky counters. On the plus side, most of these tricky counters are metal, for example green goblin, warlock and mysterio, so I can easily cheese with magneto as well as get rid of the maso regen, and I can bring in g99 for scarlet witch so i wont die from her poison. For dormammu, i could bring in 4/55 blade with starky synergy to counter his degen, or i could just turn off dex and bait sp1, or just shallow evade or something.

My third option could be the polka dot power + backblast + rage lane. I could counter both rage and back blast with g99. It might be a hard time to gain power and get to sp3 with the polka dot node, but I should be fine with her degen as long as i dont throw sp1 or sp2, and I could also counter havok and mister sinister along the way, and also bring in 5/65 sunspot for the mephisto and human torch fight.

My fourth option is to go down the mesmerise path. Every defender on this path is a mystic apart from two, meaning I can bring in 4/55 blade with mephisto and starky synergy. I could also bring in she-hulk and stealthy to counter the evade. i think stealthy or blade w/ danger should work against ebony maw, and blade w/ danger sense can counter morningstar as well.

Im pretty sure that anyone can be used for the grandmaster fight, but my best bet would probably be stealth spidey, or just my 5/65 champs who are the most tanky and have the most damage. i only have 300 units rn, but I'll get an additional 500 next week from the summoner appreciation calendar, which should be enough. If not, I'll try get some extra units from arena.

I think thats pretty much it. sorry for such a long post, I hope u guys can bear reading it to the end. Please let me know if I'm missing any counters or tough fights etc., or any advice on rank ups. I'll post my roster on a separate post, so you guys can point out anything like missing counters or rank up advice. Thankyou!


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