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Masteries for Labyrinth Idea

Hey everyone,

So I plan on doing my first ever completion run of Labyrinth this weekend - I have a sig 200 5/65 Ghost and all her synergies, made the switch to the Dark Side of Suicide Masteries so I can phase Recoils consistently. I'll be using her for every fight as, alas, I lack a 5* Aegon (lolz).

My question is regarding the mastery set-up I just came up with - here are some screenshots from AuntMai:

So my logic in doing this is absolutely maximizing the damage for Ghost - just pure, monster specials/Mediums. Because of her phasing, I'm thinking she doesn't really need to worry too much about the defensive stuff (minus Block Proficiency and that little touch of Physical Resistance), and because of her mechanics nothing in the Proficiencies beyond what I've already put will benefit her.

Is this a terrible idea? Or am I making a 300 IQ move here? Just need a reality check, just in case, lol. Appreciate any and all advice! Thanks in advance.


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