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Anybody have any input about Yondu?
Was thinking of ranking him to 5/65 for AW defense. He is duped sig 40.


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    Ehhh... probably not a good choice unless you have tons of resources and no one to use it on. I think Yondu is slightly underrated. And by that I mean I think he is useful, not trash.
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    Pulled up another thread asking about him from a search and dropping my 2 cents here as well.

    Yondu's my top/favorite 5* Tech champ and I'll max him out soon (even over my awakened Sparky). He's amazing vs Mr Sinister and anyone else who regens a ton. SP1 Heal Blocks for 10 seconds, if they have an active regen it's 20 seconds. That's the best you're gonna find. Only damage I take from Sinister is when he transfers back the bleed with his SP1 lol

    Vs Armor Buff heavy champs, like Colossus, he won't just break it, but he'll steal it. That includes Iceman's Ice Armor and all it's abilities.

    Although I have found a bug with him, which is what I was searching for. Against some Bleed Immune champs, he won't apply an Armor Break, it'll just pop up as Immune. It happens with Magneto (House of X) and champs who aren't always immune, like Emma Frost switching between Diamond Form.
  • ABOMBABOMB Posts: 419 ★★
    I agree broham, I've since brought him to 5/65 and couldn't be happier! He's a really solid champ.
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