Next R5 5* or R2 6*

10or_Strong10or_Strong Posts: 1,140 ★★★
With some resources expiring soon, I'm looking for the community's input for my next R5 5* or R2 6*. I have a solid roster, so I'm not looking to really fill any gaps. I have 100% completed all Variants except V1, and I'm working through Act 6. I still haven't done my first run of Abyss yet. I do NOT usually run suicides, though I will from time to time.

I have some good options for rank up, and some that may be fun for rank up. Looking for any input from folks who know the fun champs and can shine some light on what you enjoy about these champs. In addition, if there are any particular synergy partners that are must-haves, let me know.

Next R5 5* or R2 6* 36 votes

5* Mojo (Sig 140) to R5
Doctor_Strange19SwarmOfRavensCowabungaRayaan_2000 4 votes
5* Symbiote Supreme (Sig 100) to R5
RockypantherxKill_GreyHedronDretlle 4 votes
6* Nova (Sig 60) to R2
5* Magik (Sig 200) to R5
GildenlowCiciliatoIron_Patriot_is_litPolygon 4 votes
5* Venom (Sig 200) to R5
RookiieFiiNCHaroseinbloom39frhn081303Negative_100MagnaAngemon_333 6 votes
6* Venom (Unawakened) to R2
MiStaLovaSlayerzz 2 votes
6* Corvus Glaive (Sig 20) to R2 (Note: I have my 5* at R5/Sig 200)
brandinhoKRANꓘRazeStrikeSarvanga1_Gr8TonyStarkTheBair123VercingetorixanaLysis_Celtic1981 9 votes
6* Cull Obsidian (Sig 20) to R2
O_Deadpool_O 1 vote
6* Captain America Infinity War (Sig 41) to R2 (Note: I have my 5* at R5/Sig 200)
MaxGamingSuperiorSymbioteFaseehRiptide 4 votes
6* Human Torch (Unawakened) to R2 (Note: I have my 5* at R5/Sig 200)
Nogood22FishWhistle 2 votes


  • EtjamaEtjama Posts: 7,981 ★★★★★
    Imo, Corvus if you run suicides, (double Corvus is super useful) and 5* Venom if you don't.
  • GildenlowGildenlow Posts: 687 ★★★
    5* Magik (Sig 200) to R5
    Magik has unique utility and there is no 6 stars version, so there's no way you regret this rank up.

  • Rayaan_2000Rayaan_2000 Posts: 655 ★★★
    5* Mojo (Sig 140) to R5
    Not only is mojo fun to play, but also has awesome damage once ramped up, especially as you have mojo at high sig otherwise his damage is below par
  • Gr8TonyStarkGr8TonyStark Posts: 861 ★★★
    6* Corvus Glaive (Sig 20) to R2 (Note: I have my 5* at R5/Sig 200)
    It is never bad to have 2 corvus
    One for aw and one for aq if both happen at same time

    But always rank up whom you like to play with
  • SwarmOfRavensSwarmOfRavens Posts: 1,243 ★★★★★
    5* Mojo (Sig 140) to R5
    GagoH said:

    I went with magik because you already have the 5* of most of these... what you lack is the best power control champ in the game. You’ll hit a point where you know you just need her... trust.

    Faseeh said:

    I hit cap america by mistake. If u hv him r5 sig 200 that fatty mojo is where its at :)

    I don’t really see the utility/appeal behind Mojo, sure he has damage but feels a little lack luster utility wise compared to sym/claire/sorcerer
    Unstoppable synergy with ghulk lets him walk through 6.3 can't stop won't stop path, passive degen bypasses a fair few nodes and damage reduction. He's not the most utility heavy but he has plenty of uses
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