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Possible oversight with Tigras regen

FintechFintech Posts: 178 ★★★
I have been enjoying my r3 6* Tigra a lot but i can't help but wonder what the idea was with giving her a regen that you can't utilize in end game content. For those that don't know if you stand still for about 3 seconds Tigra will lick her paw and regen about 1% of her HP and this can be used without a limit but the issue is that you can't stand still that long against a more aggressive AI and a parry stun with maxed out parry and stupefy is not enough for her to activate her idle animation. For champions like Sabretooth and Stark enhanced Spider-Man their idle animations activate by dashing back and standing still to either refresh taunt or convert a fury buff into a passive one but Tigra will just start walking towards the opponent before her animation starts which again prevents you from making use of her regeneration. Is this an oversight or intentional? If it is intentional then why? It's not a game breaking regeneration and is currently an ability that you can't even use
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