Translation/Layout issues in Traditional Chinese of MCOC

I play MCOC mostly with Traditional Chinese user interface, and I spotted quite a few layout/translation issues and some of them are so misleading, please fix them ASAP.

1. The descriptions of Hulkbuster's Properties and Synergies are mixed together (see below):

2. Description of Void and Killmonger Synergy is totally wrong (English: Killmonger has a 35% chance to Purify a Debuff after a 0.5 sec delay and then instantly regenerate 4% health per debuff. Void regenerate 1% Health when inflicting his intimidating debuffs; Traditional Chinese: the same as WAKANDA LEADERSHIP)

3. Description of Icarus (global node in 6.2.3) is misleading (English: attackers lands a heavy attack their Fury Buffs are removed with no penalty; Traditional Chinese: attackers lands a critical attack their Fury Buffs are removed with no penalty)

Looking forward to Kabam's response soon.
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