Tech 3-way decision..

ABOMBABOMB Posts: 439 ★★
Before the new AW season begins I am looking to 5/65 a new Tech defender. Using them in questing is a possibility but mainly this is defensive geared.
Out of these 3 champs help me decide who to rank up and why..
Thanks and rock on everybody!

Tech 3-way decision.. 39 votes

Hulkbuster (unduped)
Darkrider05Lvernon15ThunderGodCiciliatoXva23RamadaKill_GreyEtjamaO_Deadpool_OIron_Patriot_is_litdot_dittoThicco_ModeLegionnaireLainuaKesava2walkerdogSuperiorSymbioteSlayerzzRouger4Gr8TonyStark 25 votes
Iron Man IW (unduped)
Alex13369Duke_SilverUnidentifiedCreatureSarvanga1_CHIEF1121Hazzalec1JragonMaster170pvrsunnyodishika123aroseinbloom39jscott96 11 votes
Yondu (40 sig)
Foxhero007ZombieZeddDarkKnight646 3 votes


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