Get yer new fangled, old fashioned casual alliance here!

No-Prize Battle Brigade is recruiting!

We're an active, but relaxed alliance that is dedicated to playing. That said, we understand that this isn't a job and real life gets in the way sometimes. This is a game, so we try to have fun. I've cleaned up our ranks and am looking to fill the a good number of spots.

We're looking for about 400k+ rating or 6k+ prestige who are ACTIVE players. As I said, I've just cleaned up our ranks, I need people who can show up for Alliance events. We are currently running 2 groups in War and AQ. We only WAR during the season, so off season is just AQ. I'd like to expand to 3 groups when we fill back up. LINE is required, but we're pretty chill on that front. If notifications bug you, shut them off except for personal tags. That's all I ask.

I try to keep a balance between progression and real life, so if you want to continue to improve but don't want dedicate all your free time, check us out. Find me in game or on LINE with the same tag, Moonwynde.


  • Still looking for new blood, I mean fresh bodies, I mean more folks.
  • Still looking for folks. As I've been recruiting I've lost some players, but we're plugging on. Come join us!
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