30 mil Alliance looking

We are looking for a few....

We are AQ focused - maps 5 and depending upon the mood of the BGs. However, we always aim to score above 250 million p/w and aiming to hit the next milestone i.e. 300 million.

AW - Regular participation. Not exactly focused on AW but we are competitive and Gold 2 last season. We are currently at Tier 6 to 9 (actively trying to avoid Tier 5 and above, who wants to deal with defence tactics i.e. Flow, Stubborn and what not? Lol)

We are regularly placed in 10%-20% bracket in weekly events and often cross 750K in SA without even blinking.

We are fun group of people from all over the world (USA, Europe and Asia) with a very welcoming attitude. All we want is at least decent prestige so our AQ score don't get too low.

So get in touch and lets chat.

Line ID:


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