Old man logan with colossus

xandersrevengexandersrevenge Posts: 263
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Do you think it's possible to do a labyrinth run with a 6 star old man logan unduped, rank 5 5 star magneto duped, rank 5 5 star colossus duped, rank 5 5 star human torch duped, and rank 5 5 star duped warlock?
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  • 100100100100 Posts: 97
    Take omega red for synergy with collosus
  • BerjibsBerjibs Posts: 941 ★★★
    Take colossus, torch and synergies for colossus. Emma omega and a crit boost like juggs, even as 3*s. The only fight he won’t do is magik which torch can solo.
  • BerjibsBerjibs Posts: 941 ★★★
    I’ll add I do have OML at r5 but he just takes too long. Colossus does the fights so fast with the synergies and because you have so much armour all the time if you get hit through evade it’s nothing.
  • VendemiaireVendemiaire Posts: 1,291 ★★★★
    Colossus, Magneto, Emma, then Juggernaut of Prof X. Old Man Logan’s synergy only last for the first few seconds of the fight.
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