Gold 1 Alliance Has One Spot (Running map 5 only)

We've determined that we can grow more by using our AQ glory for rankup items instead of potions and revives for war. We were on the Platinum level when we made this decision. We hold our war ranking mostly on strength and skill. We did the math. Using our glory exclusively for ranking up champs more than compensates for the lesser war season rewards. (And the game is fun again.)

In-Game alliance name: Frequent Fighters United
Line ID is topffforum


  • Niko7777777Niko7777777 Posts: 15
    I have a 290k, 5,700 prestige account and I just got back after a long break from the game. I wanna take it kinda easy and I don't want that huge of a time commitment in terms of alliances, but alliance quests only should be cool. Would you guys accept me and also does this post mean you run alliance war at all?
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