Elektra Suggestions

I would love to see some changes in Elektra!Those ninja knives and a little more hair look insane!They can also give her some bleed on her basic/normal attacks which would be amazing,it takes ages to get her opponent down to 25%(imagine 15% if not awaken) and she deserves some more bleed..she is a deadly ninja assassin after all!!!!!I believe that should help also with her defensive ability reduction,cause its not easy to get it on!I know it works fine,but look at her counterparts...crossbones just needs fury buffs which he has all the time form basic and special attacks(so extra damage for much of the fight as well as defensive ability reduction),and black widow has 70% reduction for the whole fight as well as hitting like a truck(i know it needs high sig level and she got nerved etc. but it still applies for the whole fight!)!So why should i have to use resonate to get her to levels other champs don't need any masteries to go and still need ages for her damage to kick in!Just a few small changes and she can turn to a lovely deadly assassin which she really is!

I know i am probably dreaming right now...but What do you guys think???


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    ok thats the pic i meant to post!! ;)
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    CavalierCavalier Posts: 246
    I think she is pretty solid right now. Her sp attack does some nice bleeding, so no need to add to her norm attacks. I would like to see the weapon changed to a Sai. Maybe give her an evade on par with Black Widow. Other then that Lets look at changing some weaker champs first.
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    I agree weaker champs need more of a change...its so discouraging to pull a 4 or 5* Luke cage for example.But i really believe she needs a way to deal more damage...bleed,amor break,precision maybe...its too tough to get her sig.ability on,i tested her against winter soldier(ROL) and was averaging much less damage(AND I MEAN MUCH LESS!) than wolvie who is already considered a low damage dealer!
    Sai is also a must add to her!

    @Kabam Miike Any chance my dream becomes true?????
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