The Dark Side is Recruiting!

~The Dark Side is a 5 alliance family that ranges from chill/retirement to hardcore active.
~Very well organized server for any and all players from all around the world.
~Discord is required for communication and we have different channels in our server dedicated to different areas of the game like Incursions, Roster Advice, Gifting, Duel Targets, General Chatting, Help etc.
~We do not tolerate toxic behavior.

Sith Eternal Army - [T.DS1]
AQ - 5x5 w/Master Mods 205M+
AW - Silver 1 - 3 BGs (mandatory)
~7k+ Prestige [3 OPEN SPOTS]

Sith Lords - [T.DS2]
AQ - 5x5 w/ Master Mods 195M+
AW - Bronze 1 - 2 BGs (optional)
~6k Prestige [1 OPEN SPOT]

Knights of Ren [T.DS3]
AQ - 4x5 0x5 45M+
AW - Silver 3 - 3 BGs (mandatory)
~4k Prestige [1 OPEN SPOT]

Red Blades [T.DS4] (18 members)
AQ - Map 4 w/Master Mods 40M+ (2bgs atm)
AW - Mandatory war just started this season. Currently rated 416 and climbing.
~5-6k Prestige [Open to merges and large groups of players]

Exile [T.DS0]
~Retirement alliance for those looking to just hang out and play with no stress or requirements

Feel free to join our server, drop us your roster and we will find you a home!


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