10.1k prestige 5/6/5 tier 5 alliance looking for active player; 9.5k+ prestige req

We're a stable active alliance running two groups of map 5 and one group of map 6 along with tier 5 war.

Last season we placed #187 in gold 1 for war

Currently at 310k for weekly AQ

We're professional adults who work, have family and play mcoc. We don't expect anyone to be on 24/7, but we do expect everyone to consistently finish their lanes in war and AQ - and to let us know beforehand if there's an issue which may prevent that on occasion.

Also, we're steady where we're at and aren't looking to spend $$ to buy wins in war. If we were to move up to platinum, that would be great, but we're comfortable in gold 1.

If this matches up with what you're looking for, contact me on line.

Line ID: crackhorse
IGN: crack horse


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