Doc Voodoo [Not A Bug]

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I know that many of u guys might be grindin in arena to get Dr Voodoo. I have a 3 star version and I noticed a peculiar thing, his S2 once it deals power drain it doesnt get the power gain it should get. I dont know if its a bug or a change but I would like a response if possible!
Love this game, just hope it doesnt get lessened by a bit of miscommunication!!
Thank You
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    Hey there OP. Sorry to hear that you're having some issues with Doctor Voodoo's Special 2. Doctor Voodoo only gets Power Gain from his Special 3, not 2, so that might be where the confusion is coming from. On an even combo, his Special 2 makes it so all of Voodoo’s attacks gain a 50% chance to burn 2.5% of his opponent’s Power, converting 450% of Power burnt into Energy Damage, lasting 15 seconds. On an odd combo, the target leaks 30% of their Power, over 10 seconds. I hope this helps clear this up for you.
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