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October MEQ - updates to Heroic-Uncollected rewards?

Just looking for confirmation if these were updated and will be the norm going forward? I realize there was a News Announcement about updates to Event Quest Rewards for Uncollected & Cavalier but looks like there were additional changes to Uncollected this month from last month as well as Heroic/Master which was not mentioned.

Changes I noticed:
Heroic MEQ
Was 1,400x 4* crystal shards
Now 1,200x 4* crystal shards

Master MEQ
Was 2,300x 4* crystal shards + 1x 4* crystal
Now 5,300x 4* crystal shards + 0x 4* crystal

Was 36,000x Tier 4 basic catalyst fragments + 1 Tier 4 basic catalyst
Now 52,000x Tier 4 basic catalyst fragments + 1 Tier 4 basic catalyst

Uncollected MEQ
Was 4,020x 4* crystal shards
Then 2,400x 4* crystal shards as per recent post "EVENT QUEST REWARDS UPDATE AND CAVALIER DIFFICULTY"
Now 4,200x 4* crystal shards



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    TalharajpootTalharajpoot Posts: 381 ★★
    Yeah I also see some changes in reward of uncollected event quest
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