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Is a 5* duped Iron Fist worth R3 or R4?

Jcray705Jcray705 Posts: 28
edited September 2017 in Strategy and Tips
I recently duped my 5* iron fist and am thinking about taking him to R4 once I get the mystic catalysts. I have enough to R3 him right now. He'd be my 2nd R4 5*, alongside a duped SL.

Is a 5* duped Iron Fist worth R3 or R4? 17 votes

TheDarkLordtrey92008PeterStreitSkimbobbor 4 votes
NyaleFireballs5YellsomezuffyEgeCKenshioMenkent 7 votes
Yes to R3, but not R4
Haji_SaabUnsaferBinkie7SakkbanMasterTroller42TheMageHunterGrimmbear 6 votes


  • UnsaferBinkie7UnsaferBinkie7 Posts: 658 ★★
    Yes to R3, but not R4
    He'd help u get a legend title in a event quest. His damage output is nice, but you've got a 4/55 SL so your LOL ready, I'd save those t2 alphas for some other 5*. Don't get me wrong IF is dope but I don't think he'd be a crazy benefit to your account besides the prestige of course and another 4/55. We're getting even better/more worth 5* coming soon like voodoo, iceman, AA, dorm, gr etc. I'd save bro, r3 sure maybe, as u might get a sick mystic 5* soon and then you'll have to wait a while to rank them up.
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