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Arena Feedback [Merged Threads]



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    Anghel_2403Anghel_2403 Posts: 52

    Arenas were never really "fun" for me, but they were a necessary evil. These new changes are horrible. The time it takes and the AI is off. Please revert them back the way they were until this can be fine tuned/adjusted. They went from tolerable to miserable.

    I prefer a thousand times that they don't launch super attacks on only death teams
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    JamskinJamskin Posts: 13

    I’ve run 18 mill twice a week for over a yr, equaling tons of time in game. This arena change is NOT better. After round 20, I’m getting the same arena matches/same summoner teams over and over, all 50+ and 60+k to my teams in 20k. Forcing me out as a grinder will be 1 step from being out of the game, period. Please address these issues. At least return arena to previous form while figuring out these issues. Thank you.

    I do the same myself each week and now get matched with a team of 6*s 3 times my team rating as 6*s and 5*s and having to start over it was a place to grind some extra units and shards I do spend a little each month but don’t massively so the grind helps for boosts and other items, yet now it’s to much time and effort as it’s more difficult then before I would rather they revert the changes and the rewards back to what they was as at least the grind was more enjoyable and less stressful and time consuming then it is now.
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    BigPoppaCBONEBigPoppaCBONE Posts: 2,362 ★★★★★

    Yeah currently fairly deep into my r3 5 stars and I’m facing minimum 2x r5 and one r4 5*z this is doubling the number of bars of power it normally takes to complete an arena match. Can’t imagine what it’s like without the suicide masteries.

    A boring slog with 20+ rounds matched against the same handful of Thronebreakers at at least double my team pi. I decided to boost because it was taking so long and I kept getting to pick from the same few champs that are all long fights unless you get a favorable matchup.
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