Changes to Recoil

I and many of my friends feel Running Suicides is a great Idea. The problem is Suicides aren't friendly with all champs especially those whose SP3 ain't that good or those who have to use a lot of SP1 and SP2. Double Edge and Liquid Courage fit in well in the meta of the game but Recoil? "Nah, it sucks".Ask anybody, Recoil is annoying. I'd suggest Reducing the Recoil from a Burst of 5% damage to slightly low like 3% or 2%.If not that I have another suggestion, Guarantee the last hit of SP1 and SP2 as Critical. Recoil is very disadvantageous for a plethora of champs. Also it's a Huge work Enabling Suicides and Recoil makes it feel rather underwhelming. I request Kabam @Kabam Miike
@Kabam Boo
Please Please! Bring either of these changes or at least something to Recoil to make it more enjoyable and not a disheartening thing. Cheers!
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