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Crash and phone type

I have a iPhone 7 Plus and an 8. Game crashing. A lot more frequently now. While doing many aspects of the game. Opening crystals, during fights, etc. both phones up to date.
List your phone type. Can see if it’s a device or program problem.


  • JoseOkJoseOk Posts: 61
    Having same issues on Iphone max xs
  • Xinel07Xinel07 Posts: 24
    iPad 6th Gen (no crashing issues on my Android device only on iPad)
    iOS 13.5
    Game version: 28.2
    Happens at any game mode
    Game crashes every 15 minutes
  • After updates my game took so long to log in.. it is only on adroid? Im using a71 samsung. Thanks
  • Hey there, could you post the requested information in the iOS crashing and performance thread? Thanks!
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