Help 4 doesn't work 80% of the time.

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So since y'all can't seem to fix whatever with the help 4 button. Why not try something new and just do a help all? Yeah it's not even NEAR the biggest problem atm in this game. That would have to be the incapability to even control your characters... But yeah.

Help 4 doesn't work 80% of the time. 15 votes

Fix the help 4 button?
Vdh2008JustArandomGuyhere 2 votes
Help all button?
RbvojtikLeftTurnAlbqrqezuffybeaupoemPrimmer79hheemmThe_JerichodoctordoomHoqpeqR4GEAfflictionDrewbe14Korporate_Kurt 13 votes


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    DarkestDestroyerDarkestDestroyer Posts: 2,876 ★★★★★
    The reason it isn't working is because your waiting way too long to help, by the time your going to press it, other alliance members would of requested their max number of helps allowed, meaning your "help 4" won't work.

    If you were to force quit the game you would see the number go from, say 163, to 76 or whatever.

    So it isn't broke. Your just not helping quick enough and when you do it's too late, as others have done the 5 helps allowed.
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    VoluntarisVoluntaris Posts: 1,198 ★★★
    they won't do "Help All" button b/c it'd overload their servers.
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    Vdh2008Vdh2008 Posts: 966 ★★★★
    Fix the help 4 button?
    They've said numerous times that Help All will not happen. Just fix the Help 4 button.
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    Help all button?
    We need some sort of adjustment on the help button. It seems every day I log in to 300+ help requests. Then the help 4 doesn't always work (which would take forever anyway). A "help 10" button would even be a huge improvement.
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    MarzGrooveMarzGroove Posts: 903 ★★★
    How about removing the feature altogether for arena help. We don't need the busy work. Instead give people in an alliance a x% reduction to their arena cooldown.
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