Next Major Update

Like many players, I am teetering on the edge of permanently leaving the game because of the changes and the many many persistent bugs in the gameplay.

I'm shortly taking a one month break from the game and will review my position afterwards, but after thinking about this for a while, there is one thing that would restore my and I am sure many others, faith in Kabam:

A major update exclusively focussed on bug fixes and improved performance.

No new characters, features, events, gimmicks, challenges, no tweaks to the UI (unless fixing glitches) etc - just one big update of making the game playable again to restore the faith from what I think is an unjustly loyal customer base.

The benefits of this for Kabam? Increased customer satisfaction will increase spending = increased revenues.

In fact, why not celebrate this super bug fix update with a promotion and I am sure many of us will buy it out of sheer joy.
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