Unkillable team?

GrimXYZGrimXYZ Posts: 74
edited October 2020 in General Discussion
I just ran into a team of 2 mutants and an X-men (Prof X, Phoenix, Red Magneto) in arena and I cannot kill Phoenix or Red Magneto. Against Phoenix I was using MODOK and 250+ hits in I decided to quit: she just gets stuck at 1% health. Normal hit was doing 0 damage, and any DOT (bleed and incinerate) end up giving willpower heal and damage cancelling it. Eventually I just had to quit. Same thing with Magneto. This time I was using Sunspot.

I was able to kill Prof X so it feels like it is one of those "all mutants and x-men except Professor X" synergies. Is this the Drug M synergy? I don't understand exactly what it means but having an absolutely unkillable team can't be right?


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