9Mil, 5x5 top 1000 alliance looking for player(s)

Is your 5x5 alliance starting to fall apart and getting burnt out at the same time? Come to us! Lend us your powers! We have spots for a packaged deal up to 5. 5? YEAH 5! Some of our members are ready for retirement and put in their 2 week notice. LET'S SEND THEM TO AN EARLY RETIREMENT TOGETHER.

4300+ prestige prefered. We finished this AQ cycle at 99 million points. You know you want that extra map 6 crystal without having to deal with clearing map 6. I know I do. come on, guy. let's get it together!

AW is about diversity, so we are diverse god dammit.

Donations are standard, item use in AW is not required, and being a cool guy is always appreciated.

message me on here, in game (megadoomclops), or on discord (mega#1796).

We only use the discord app. So if you're a chump who uses the LINE app, you gotta cut that **** out of your life. You'll thank us for it too.
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