War scoring

Regardless of whether you agreed with the reasoning to get rid of defender kills (personally, I understood the rationale) I think it does make sense to re-introduce them. Even if you Change the points awarded.
Bottom line, the new war is easier. There are no "impossible" nodes even if you don't have the "right" champ. So even if you do die quickly on a node you won't feel discouraged to try again since (more than likely) you died because you made a mistake not because you CAN'T beat it. I personally approved of removing defender kills initially mainly because the only way it made sense to revive is if you revived and healed almost all the way. Healing a little bit was pretty much guaranteeing them defender kills because the node boosts were "impossible". So, rather than spending units on large health refills, made more sense to just stay dead and I have back up on the path.

In summary, all the node's are very doable, none seem "impossible", so you can bring back defender kills and still feel confident you are holding true to your original intention for removing them. You have added a number of ways to get an edge in scoring, bringing back defender kills just adds one more. Duplicate a bunch of champs sacrificing diversity hoping they will get the defender kills... be diverse and sacrifice skills… Or find a happy medium. See, strategy :-)

I have put a lot of words in parentheses to hopefully avoid people commenting on How it wasn't impossible, or difficult, or Wars used to be easy and other such things that just serve to derail my actual point…
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