Question about Profx' Prowess Potency synergies and Sig

Mike192Mike192 Posts: 571 ★★★
So his SP3 gives +60% prowess (up to 4) for a long time. If he is sig 200 and opponent is at full power, the prowess has +50% potency.

So I would like to know the max possible prowess potency he can gain (outside of the SP1 refresh which is limitless).

After SP3 will it be -

1. 240% (4 charges) + 50%
2. 240% (4 charges) + 200% (50% flat for each prowess)
3. 240% (4 charges) + 120% (multiplicative)

At the same time, IF Apocalypse makes him a Horsemen, ProfX would gain +50% prowess and another 30% potency (which Im not sure if its flat or multiplicative) from MagnetoX synergy.
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