Extreme Heat & Crashing (iPhone)

MCOC Name: Thē Mandalorian
Device: iPhone X
Operating System: iOS 14.0.1
WiFi/Cellular: BOTH
MCOC Version: 28.2.2
Game Mode: Monthly EQ, Arena, AQ, War


The game will cause iPhone X (new device replaced this month) that has been happening when playing the game for longer than 15 minutes in any continuous fights. The iPhone becomes unbearable to hold and then crashes the app/program due to what I can only assume as being the GPU/CPU overheating and preventing the program from damaging the iPhone if not force closed. This has happened with two identical devices for the past 2 months (starting at least as early as September 2020).

This causes fights to lose half health and many resources in AQ, War and Solo Events to be used unfairly.

Can someone please look into this? I'd hate to have to stop playing this game because it's hazardous to my device and loses me items unnecessarily.
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