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Never done this before, but here goes.

Picked this game up because I'm a huge Marvel Comics fan; been collecting comics for over 40 years. I'm a newer player (about six weeks or so) looking to join an Alliance to learn the ropes, help me get better and hopefully upgrade my roster of characters. Thing is, I'm also a parent of two active teens and employed full-time so while I try to log in every day (sometimes a couple times if I'm able), this isn't my life and I won't be online playing for hours on end.

I just got to Level 38, Rating of 74K, Prestige of 2,346. Top characters are:

Ultron 4*, duped, 4/5, 40/40
Sorcerer Supreme 4*, duped, 3/5, 30/30
Terrax, 4*, 3/5, 30/30
Dr. Strange, 4*, 3/5, 30/30
Quake, duped, 3*, 4/4, maxed

Also have duped, maxed 3* Sunspot, Black Widow (Level 99), Scarlet Witch (Level 69), Starlord, and working on getting Gwenpool, Iceman, and Wolverine (and possibly Dr. Voodoo) there as well.

Other 4* on my roster that I'm actively upgrading are Yellowjacket, Quake, and Scarlet Witch; may work on my Black Widow (Claire Voyant) at some point, but I have A LOT of mystics, so she is not much of a priority.

Other 4* that I have but not working on are Vulture, Venom the Duck (duped), Aegon, War Machine, Cyclops (Blue), and Spider-Man (Classic).

Just looking to join a group of chill players who are willing to put up with an old guy as he looks to get better and have a little fun. If you have a spot on your roster, let me know and I'll check it out. Thanks.


  • Obsidiman_JonesObsidiman_Jones Posts: 162
    @TheCaptain412 for your consideration...

    We are a smaller, active, laid back, yet growing alliance. We consist of 2nd accounts, semi retired accounts, mid level accounts, and newer accounts. We are all over the globe and have the commonality of using this alliance to have fun with the game and not have it be a 2nd job.

    Currently we run a 33322 AQ schedule each series across 3 BGs. We score over 40 million points and get rewards far better than players would w/o an alliance or players in an alliance of one. We run maps 2 & 3 because they are easy and low stress and can be completed quite quickly with properly motivated BG members. Those maps also allow flexibility for our members to complete other content of their choosing and for members with lighter rosters to have their tops champs available for other content.

    We are not really a warring alliance although an occasional one is run once in a blue moon. Mainly most of our members feel the juice of the season rewards is not worth the squeeze. Plus some don't have the rosters to sustain AW and AQ and regular content.

    The alliance has 3 simple requirements...
    1) You must have and use LINE for communication. It is far more effective and efficient than in game chat. And it allows you to not be forced to constantly open the game to get info.
    2) You must be a daily, active, team player who communicates. We ask that you don't sit and do zero, but rather you do what is comfortable for you above that. We want everyone to benefit and grow and if that means you play time is limited as long as you help how you can, the rest of the team will have your back.
    3) You must join and participate in all AQs. AQ is our bread and butter and best source of rewards and resources.

    I'm happy to answer questions if you have them or are interested. I can certainly answer here, but would prefer to chat via the LINE app. Simply search and add Obsidiman and let's get a conversation going. This is most definitely an alliance that can help a new player like yourself grow as we have done it for quite a few members currently here. Plus we have veterans that can provide info and answer questions to help you along the way.

    Whatever direction you decide to go, I wish you the best of luck!
    Go on Line and contact AGENTBWL or Wowwie, I have a great alliance for you, they will help you get on AQ, War and knowledge for masteries, clearing content, etc.
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    Still looking for alliance?
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