Specials Not Activating

Is anyone else having issues with specials not activating before sp3? Anytime I’ve tried to activate them in EQ,AQ etc. they won’t activate and my champ just stands there blocking or just stands there and nothing.


  • Omega007HazeOmega007Haze Posts: 22
    Yes, finally! My champs since this latest update to Arenas i believe, just leaves my champs standing there doing nothing. They dont back up or anything. Completely non responsive!!
  • psp742psp742 Posts: 607 ★★★
    edited October 18
    I thought I was the only one experiencing this issues.. I press/tap the same area for activating special, so I know I didn’t misplace my thumb.

    During a fight in AW against Domino, I was able to activate my sp1 and sp2 earlier in the fight.. but when it counted, I tapped special but it didn’t activate.. if I kept hold of my block Colossus ‘Horseman’ could have tank the attack but instead it was like colossus stood there to be hit by Domino heavy.. like seriously Kabam?! Immediately after it happened, I went into AQ, I tried using sp1 and it worked, so it is some sort of bug that doesn’t sense button presses from time to time in the most inopportune time too..

    I had to revive and chuck in health potion into Colossus.

    I guess kabam will delete this entire post and sweep it under the rug..

  • Kaizen_KingKaizen_King Posts: 123
    Ya it’s happening constantly with this update. Or, the last hit of your combo gets dropped right before you go to launch your special so the defender blocks the entire special. Ugh.
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