Looking for a new Alliance

Want to join ab active friendly alliance


  • I need active people. Line me JAGERMANSTER.
  • Blaz1ng_3ch0Blaz1ng_3ch0 Posts: 169
    We currently have 1 spot open, have a look if it sounds like your spot! We run aq map, 5, 5, 4. War currently gold 3. Very active, friendly alliance. Line for communication.
    If intrested, contact:
    Line: Zaxoden
    My in game name: Blazing Echo
    Alliance: Fire strike
  • mkuhn19mkuhn19 Posts: 61
    Looking for 3 due to serious inactivity
    Maps 543 currently

    mkuhn19 in game and on line app
  • escortivaescortiva Posts: 19
    Look me up in game under same name as here, would like to see your account, we run AQ 553x5 for 160M, AW is optional, currently silver 1, Line is not required but helpful
  • DaBillsDaBills Posts: 421
    What Map can you run? What are your stats?
  • GuktugGuktug Posts: 19

    Want to join ab active friendly alliance

    What's you in-game name? Also, what AQ map can you play?
  • CosmicEnforcerCosmicEnforcer Posts: 10
    We need Map 5 players.
  • Bmwm307Bmwm307 Posts: 6

    [Y.P.] Young Padawans!

    We are 3 experienced players (750k, 1.1 and 1.2 m) who want to start their own alliance.

    Our aim:
    helping growing rosters to become stronger
    building an alliance from scratch
    reaching map 5 and gold 1 in the mid/long term
    we’ll start with 1 bg, expanding asap to 2 bgs and eventually to 3 bgs

    What we offer:
    the possibility of growing fast
    the possibility of learning a lot

    What we demand:
    Attitude. Roster will eventually come; however, teamwork, discipline and eagerness are difficult to acquire if they’re not there in the first place.
    Commitment. We believe in Life Comes First, but we expect regular participation in AQ, AW and Objectives.
    Regular use of Line mandatory.

    Aimed at: 150k-450k accounts. American and European time zones. English-speaking.
    Definitely NOT aimed at: lone wolves, inflated egos, people unable to put the group benefit to his/her own.

    Alliance will be started right after current season is over. Recruiting STARTING NOW. Please send pm on Line to McFernie or Bmwm307.
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