6.2M - AQ 54444/44444 - AW Tier 7 - Weekly SA

We are a 6.2 Million alliance running AQ 54444/44444 scoring enough to jump up into expert tier every other week. We are working toward 55444 to stay in expert weekly.

We fill and expect to complete 3 BGs for both AQ and AW so you will need a strong enough roster to field 3 teams including defense. We jump between tier 6-9 in AW.

We are well organized but not hardcore as long as you are active daily, contribute towards events, and hit the minimums.

Donations are 67,000 gold and 4,200 loyalty and we easily hit Summoner Advancement weekly. Our average member rating is 211,567 so please be around 150,000 or higher.

Message me on Line if you are interested: SashaFierceX
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