Annihilus cosmic rod removed by armor break ?

So I was playing arena, my OG spidey vs annihilus. I landed an armor break on him and noticed his rod was gone, text saying its mine, and 3 fury buffs on him. Checked the description and nothing about it.
Any idea ?


  • HI_guysHI_guys Posts: 1,293 ★★★★
    Cause armour break is a nullify effect. And cosmic control rod is removed by nullify it fate seal type effects
  • xLunatiXxxLunatiXx Posts: 75
    I see. Armor break can remove armor but isnt it too far fetched to consider it an entire nullify mechanic?
  • HI_guysHI_guys Posts: 1,293 ★★★★
    I agree. But as far as game mechanics are concerned it is regarded as nulify
  • xLunatiXxxLunatiXx Posts: 75
    Can we get a confirmation from the devs it is intended ?
  • Hey there, I can check with the rest of the team and get back to you with what i find out.
  • xLunatiXxxLunatiXx Posts: 75
    Any update from the team @Kabam Zibiit ?
  • I was able to confirm with the rest of the team that, when and Armor Break is placed, it attempts to Nullify Armor Up Buffs, so this should count as a Nullify for the purposes of Annihilus' abilities. The team is reviewing ways to make this more clear in game, but this may take some time, given the number of Armor Breaks in the game.
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