Looking for alliance where i can grow fast from where i am at now

(Aq focused only map4-map5)
( not interested in aw )
"FREE 2 PLAY player"


  • MFlo83MFlo83 Posts: 12
    Added you in game. Discord is required. We run 5/5/4. In game name is MFlo83~1
  • Darkknight_94Darkknight_94 Posts: 14
    Don't have discord but have line app ! If that's ok , otherwise i will b active enough to play in aq :)
  • freezerfreezer Posts: 22
    What's your line id? Otherwise hit me up on line.
    ID: freeze-8

  • Hgonz1431Hgonz1431 Posts: 20
    Hit me up on Line if still interested: Hgonz1431

  • YgtYgt Posts: 65
    We are chilled ally, Looking for active players who want to grow with us (map 4/5). AW is voluntary (2 bg).
    line account is required.

    Alliance tag - [dibš]
    In game name - melee&two or dummy.ac
    Line id - thgttgx
  • Hit me up!! Super active ally called Marvel’s Greatest. We are looking commited players that can complete map4+. War is optional (2BG). My username is RenamedYT. Pls join.
  • East50_916East50_916 Posts: 64
    Map 5 with epic and master mods. Just shy of 250mil last week due to being short a player. No war. Line od east50_916
  • East50_916East50_916 Posts: 64

  • awesome1werawesome1wer Posts: 56
    Hgonz1431 said:

    Hit me up on Line if still interested: Hgonz1431

    Could I join?
    What prestige do i need to be ?
    What maps do you run?
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