Elsa Bloodstone vs Gwenpool



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    I like elsa better, even though gwenpool is very nice. Her tanking specials is really not needed if you never let the defender get to a SP3.

    Elsa is a fun champ and has more utility. GP bleeds are pretty good though, and she has good power control.

    They both are good I don't really think one shines over the other.
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    Y’all wildin this isn’t even a question.
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    Hazzalec1 said:

    This is a close one - but I’d say gwenpool. I think their damage is comparable, except in bleed immune matchups. I think gwenpool’s ability to infinitely tank specials is nice, but the real kicker is that AAR. Remember it’s 2% each hit, so every hit you get it does decrease that little bit more. It’s not like you have to wait to get 50 hits to get the AAR, it’s gradual. And it’s defensive ability accuracy. Further, her enervate is really nice to have, infinite spam in the corner (similar to magik). Some people say it’s hard to keep the enervate up, but I disagree. The heavy attack can convert an existing bleed into a 27 second bleed. So all you gotta do is pull off a heavy when you have a bleed or two that will more than likely guarantee your enervate rotation. If you can’t continue to keep it up, you can usually keep it up for at least a few combos, and then fire off another sp2 if you really need it.

    Her armour break is very strong. Her basic attacks hit so much harder with the armour break, and it can also be refreshed similarly to the enervate. So after one sp3, your opponent is armour broken for the rest of the fight, providing you’re aggressive and/or using those heavy attacks to get the long bleeds. Very useful for both damage and utility.

    I do think a lot of people underestimate AAR - it shuts down enemy abilities. Enemy abilities and nodes are what makes them hard to fight, and negating that is so powerful for so many things. 50 hits isn’t even that many, I mean after 5 or 6 combos, you’ve already got like 50-60% AAR. Once you’ve gone through an sp2 or sp3, you’re pretty much at that 100% mark. So yes it’s not as good as getting it at the start of the fight, but at least she has it, not a lot of other champs can say they have 100% AAR. And it’s permanent too, not like AA’s neurotoxins for example (even though they are relatively easy to keep up a couple of them)

    Lastly, I’d just like to point out that she has incinerate on her sp1. This might not seem useful upon first glance, but incinerate also removes perfect block and reduces block proficiency. This is useful for some interactions (e.g. invade) as well as just being an incinerate and dealing energy damage.

    Sorry for the long post. I just think Gwenpool is a great champion.

    Loved this, well said!
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