10 mil, AW tier 2, strong-but-laid-back Alliance Recruiting

Hi All,

About us:

We're a 10 million global alliance looking for someone to replace an out-going member. We have members throughout the world, so happy to consider people from any timezone. We are strong and organised, but a fairly laid back group, who get things done. Whilst we're looking for committed/active members, we realize there is a life outside the game, and therefore alter our schedule when the need arises (e.g. holidays/high vacation periods). Many of us are professionals and family-orientated players.

We currently compete mainly in AW tier 2 (prior to the update we were bouncing between t1 and t2) and run 5x5 in AQ (typically we rank 600-900). We do not set minimums for events, but generally expect everyone to pitch in, and always hit the milestones for major events (excluding arena-based ones).

We are not really arena focused, but do have some hardcore arena grinders in the group. We therefore do not focus on arena related alliance quests/do not require arena grinding (other than t4b if necessary).

Required treasury donations are standard for a 5x5 rotation.

- 5+ 5/50 4* (or equivalent) champs on the roster and can put out a capable attack for AQ/AW simultaneously, alongside a decent D set up for AW (we are will to work with players to improve their AW defense).
- Map 5 experience
- Higher tier AW experience (but not necessarily tier 2)
- Strong fighter capable of competing in AW tier 2 and holding a line by themselves
- Regularly completes the t4b arena unless t4b capacity is maxed
- Can complete higher level content and challenge quests (i.e. Master mode, RoL, RttL, Bautista, Chloe, Act 5.2, etc)

If interested, please get in touch to discuss further and see if there is a fit. We look forward to hearing from you!

LineID: preate
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